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Motorcycle Throttle Lock

This throttle finger was designed to keep your motorcycle in perfect condition no matter the environment. It comes with a vista cruise motorhome cruise control tool that lets you manage your throttle with precision to optimize performance. Other features include a physical handle and easy to use interface, making it easy to find and use.

Motorcycle Throttle Lock Walmart

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Motorcycle Throttle Lock Amazon

The motorcycle throttle lock is a universal product that allows users to keep their motorcycle inching closer and closer to the point where it's necessary to application the cruise control to maintain the speed. The clamp is designed to assist the motion of the motorcycle and is made from durable plastic to provide a sturdy connection. The clap is also designed to keep the motorcycle moving at a controlled pace, keeping you from getting pulled over or having to take action in a situation where you would otherwise be lost. this throttle lock assist retainer is for motorcycles that have a retainer on the handlebar that allows the throttle to be locked in, while the engine is running, to prevent the motorcycle from forward motion. The retainer is an aluminum material that is lightweight and has a hard abrasion resistant surface. This throttle lock assist retainer is perfect for motorcycles that have a handlebar retainer that does not work and requires a hard checkered or leather straps to fix. this motorcycle throttle lock assist is perfect for when you need to keep on the go! It allows you to access your engine power while in the speed demon environment and keeps you from getting pulled over. this vista cruise motorcycle throttle lock is perfect for honda or kawasaki bikes that have a cruising speed in mind. It allows you to lock the motor in place and keep the bike in top condition while you continue your work or errand. This lock alsowindows nt 4. 0 and later.